Thursday, August 16, 2007

The critics must fix the Treaty

Observer Editorial “The Tories have not said how they would change the treaty to make it acceptable. And if they think no treaty would be acceptable, they might as well be lobbying to quit the EU completely.”

This is the sort of cretinous circularity that routinely disfigures Europhile arguments. Unless you want more Europe you have to get out. Was the Observer demanding that France be expelled after the Non? – No it was not.

The critics of the treaty have no obligation to improve it. It is as valid for the British to say no as it was for the French & Dutch. It is also valid for them to state that no to “more Europe” really does means no and is not a flirts signal that can be cynically recast to mean “we really want more Europe please try again”. This rapists charter does greater harm to the image of the EU then any “myth” generated by the Sun could achieve.

The public in Europe are fed up of the EU claque pushing these dishonest options. It is a self destructive tactic since if they continue with it they will build a bigger “better off out” constituency then they will ever be able to handle.

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